So you tried making a purchase but your transaction has been stuck in a pending state for what seems like... forever. Maybe you've even tried to send additional transactions but now those too, are stuck.

The most likely culprit is you didn't specify a high enough gas price in your initial transaction. Gas prices change based on how busy the network is, and if you don't supply a high enough gas price with your transaction then it will be stuck waiting to confirm until either:

  1. Gas prices decrease to a point where your transaction can be picked up.
  2. Your transaction "times out" and is dropped from the network entirely (you will still have your ETH).

Ethereum transactions also need to confirm in the order they are sent, meaning if you have a transaction pending and try to send another with a higher gas price the new transaction must wait on the older ones to confirm first. 

How to fix it.

You will need to resend your oldest pending transaction at a higher gas price so the network picks it up. To determine current gas prices head over to ETHGasStation.

Once we know what gas price to use, you'll need to open up MetaMask, scroll down to find your oldest pending transaction, and then increase its gas price. Below are 2 videos showing you how to do this based on what version of MetaMask you use. Also, do not change the gas limit, only the gas price.

FYI: The time it takes to confirm after increasing the gas price may be different than how it appears in the video. It took us about 1 minute to confirm, but we cut this wait time out of the video.

MetaMask New UI

MetaMask Old UI

If you sent multiple transactions below the gas price, you may have to perform this action multiple times.

We hope that helped :). As always, if you have any questions message us here or on our Discord.

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