Ethereum is a global network of computers that all agree on a shared set of information and programs. Although we encourage you to explore the technology, here we're just going to cover what an ethereum address is (on a very simple level) and how to get one.

What's an ethereum address?

Imagine you own a clear cash box, like this:

Anybody can view what's inside or add money into it.

But only you can remove the contents because you're the only one with the key. 

This is similar to how accounts work on ethereum. An account is made up of what is known as public key and private key. 

A public key is similar to the cashbox above (and is also known as an address). Your address is globally accessible, anybody can see what's inside your account by looking it up, and anyone can also easily send funds to your account using your address.

A private key is something that only the owner of the ethereum account should have access to, as it allows the funds associated with that account to be transferred (or "withdrawn").

Creating an account

MetaMask, is an ethereum wallet that lives as a browser extension. We use it to store our accounts, as well as interact with the blockchain to do things like send transactions. Although there are many different types of Ethereum wallets, we use MetaMask for Gods Unchained.

You'll need to download MetaMask at

We recommend as a browser you use Chrome or Brave.

Once it's installed, you will be prompted to save what's known as a seed file - a set of 12 words that can be used to recover your account if you get locked out. Store your seed file somewhere safe. We recommend you store it offline (not on a computer, phone, or cloud storage).

Locating your address

The last thing you have left to do is find and copy your address (public key) in MetaMask! Simply click on the MetaMask icon in your browser, select the "..." icon, and then click "Copy Address to Clipboard".

Here's a video in case you get stuck.

And that's it! You can now paste your address anywhere you'd like, or send it to a friend so they can transfer you tokens (or soon to be card packs) on the ethereum network! 

(Note: all ethereum addresses start with a 0x, for example: 0xA2c384dafF26de217C00E55978c72373aC661952)

If you have any additional questions, open up the live chat and we will be happy to help you!

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