Lots! Traditionally, items in games are owned outright by the companies that create them. When you buy in-game items, like a favorite skin for your character, you don't own it - the game company licenses it to you. 

By using blockchain technology, we can change this to give players real ownership over the items they purchase or earn in games. They could sell an item for real money if they no longer wanted it, they could remove it from the game to use in other games, and best of all the game developer wouldn't be able to destroy the value or power of that item to force players to buy the next DLC. 

But that's not all; with the blockchain, we can prove the history of individual assets! Imagine an incredible play in the final round of the World Championship coming from a card that nobody expected. Now imagine that player digitally signs the card and auctions it off for charity. Because it's transaction history is immutably recorded in the blockchain, any future owner can digitally prove everywhere that card has ever been, including in the final round of that tournament, since its creation.

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